CLAP Resource School

Collaborative Project

CLAP Resource School




Promote career and life development education in Hong Kong local schools


Starting from 2022, our school has become a resource school for at least five network schools under the CLAP@JC Program. Our school together with professional facilitators will lead our network schools to drive the Hub’s direction and foster a community of practice. This provides an opportunity to share experiences and resources with other schools, to promote mutual support and establish connection with business sectors and tertiary education institutions so as to create more quality career and life development activities for students, teachers and parents, thus contributing to the sustainable development of career and life education.


  • Training workshop
  • Grant from CLAP@JC


Vice-principal Ms.Cheng Man-ching  Mr. Chan Kin-man
Mr. Wong Kwok-tai  Ms. Mak Shuk-man 
Mr. Wong Shing-fung

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