Cultivating Peace Scheme

Collaborative Project

Cultivating Peace Scheme


Centre for Sino-Christian Studies, The Department of Religion and Philosophy, HKBU


  • Students can build inner peace and learn emotional control.
  • Establish good interpersonal and community relationships.
  • Build self-confidence and learn to care for others.


  • Master the skills of dealing with emotions and improve students' resilience.
  • Facilitate the building of classmate relationships through studying and practising proper listening and sharing principles.
  • Through group sharing, community art activities, and social services, explore students' abilities and build an empowering self-identity.
  • Through this programme, students can understand their interests, abilities and directions, and make appropriate choices for further studies or employment in the future.
  • Promote the message of peace through community art activities or volunteer services, and build relationships between students and the community from a new and positive perspective.


  • Mentors include university associate professors, registered social workers, and artists
  • Advisory members include clinical psychologists,university lecturers, and church preachers


Ms. Lau Nga-man, Mr. Suen Chun-long, Ms. Lee Wai-chu

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