• widen students’ horizons and help them develop positive values and attitude through caring for the underprivileged in voluntary service activities
  • help students understand their roles and responsibilities in their families, the school, our society and our country, so as to nurture students with higher personal and moral standards and enable them to contribute to our society and our country. 

Strategies and activities

Different moral and civic values have been promoted and integrated into different forms of activities:

  • Morning Assembly
  • Whole School Assembly
  • Class Activity- Class Photo Design and Display/ Classroom Decoration
  • Voluntary Service Programmes
  • Moral and Civic Education Ambassadors’ Programme
  • National Flag Raising Ceremony/ Short Talks about National Identity
  • Casual Wear Days
  • Class Teacher Period-Moral & Civic Education
  • Exchange Tours
  • Quiz competitions on National Education
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