1. Aims:
  • Help and support for students with special educational needs;
  • Provide career and life planning guidance for students with special educational needs.


  1. Objectives:
  • Determine a comprehensive inclusive education development plan and self-assessment mechanism, coordinate various inclusive measures and implement them effectively;
  • Provide appropriate support according to the different learning needs of students through the three-tier support model;
  • Organize inclusive activities to let teachers and students recognize and respect individual differences and create a caring campus culture;
  • Promote mental health education, cultivate students' positive thinking and enhance their resilience.


  1. Strategies and activities:

Whole School Consensus: 

All staff of our school acknowledge the responsibility of establishing an inclusive environment to cater for the needs of all students;

Curriculum Accommodation:

The school curriculum can be adapted and/or expanded to cater for different needs;

Differentiated Teaching:

Diversified teaching techniques and assistive equipment to cater for students’ diverse learning needs;

Peer Support:  

Learning groups, peer tutoring and circles of friends are strategically organized;

Teacher Collaboration:

Teachers work together and support each other;

Classroom Support:

Specialists collaborate with teachers in improving the learning environment; and

Assessment Accommodation:

Assessment methods are adapted to facilitate students’ demonstration of their learning outcome.

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