School Mission

The Vision and Mission of the School

  1. The School is set up to provide whole-person quality education, endeavouring to empower our students to affirm the values of life, pursue healthy growth and lead a joyful life with faith, hope and love.
  2. Through establishing good rapport between parents and children, schoolmates and alumni, teachers and students, family and school, community and school, God and people, the School ensures that our students may receive diversified learning opportunities which will help them to:-
  1. nurture positive values;
  2. foster physical, mental, social and spiritual health;
  3. persevere in talent development; and
  4. pursue a purpose-driven life

so that they will contribute to the world.


  1. ‘Míng Daò Rì Xīn’(“明道日新”) is our school motto and it serves to guide us towards these goals.