The subject aims at cultivating students’ positive values and attitudes through a continuous and systematic learning experience. It enables students to acquire desirable moral qualities, enriching their life and facilitating their identity-building in the domains of family and society. Apart from fostering in students’ aspirations and commitment to making contributions in the society, the subject emphasizes the development of students’ independent thinking and autonomy so that they are able to distinguish right from wrong, and make informed decisions in a caring and reasonable manner.


The curriculum framework is designed to cultivate students’ moral qualities by building on knowledge related to the topics covered in the various domains of the subject and including everyday life events in the learning contents. It is also developed on the basis of the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that students acquire from different subjects and related learning experiences.


Personal domain:

The learning objective for this domain is to help students develop the personal qualities of autonomy, self-love, self-discipline, self-confidence, etc, as well as positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle, so that they are able to distinguish right from wrong, make reasonable judgments and put them into practice when facing adversities, doubts and challenges.

Family domain:

The learning objective for this domain is to enhance student’s recognition of their identity as a family member and understanding of their roles in the family, as well as help them maintain good relationships with family members and face family changes and challenges through developing their positive values and attitudes of care, sincerity and mutual respect, which are essential to leading a harmonious family life.

Social domain:

The learning objective for this domain is to help students recognise their roles, rights and responsibilities in different situations, including contexts where they get along with friends, schoolmates and various people in the workplace and society, and be able to communicate and stay in harmony with them. Students are also enabled to show concern for society, actively participate in its development, and become informed citizens with independent thinking, insights and responsibility.


Class Levels: S.1 to S.3

Subject Teachers: Ms. Hung Chun-man, Mr. Tsao Man-fai, Mr. Lai Chi-ming (Panel Chairperson)


 Students work actively together in cooperative learning groups.

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