HK Healthy Schools Award Scheme (Gold Award)

The Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong together with the Education Bureau (EDB) as the awarding bodies, the scheme also has the endorsement of World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office (WHO/WPRO) in meeting the WHO standards. Our school joined the Award Scheme in May 2001. The Award Scheme covers six key areas adapted from the World Health Organization’s guidelines. Each key area has a number of components with targets for schools to achieve. We demonstrated outstanding results in all the key areas and attained a Gold Award in 2005.


Key Areas


Health Policies


Physical Environment


Social Environment


Community Relationships


Personal Health Skills


Health Services


The Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion Press Release

Six Key Areas

Key Area 1 : Health Policies

Formulate precise and complete health policies in the school according to our situation. Enrich a campus life which is healthy, happy, caring and sharing.

Key Area 2 : Physical Environment

Build up a comfortable, quiet, safe, healthy, and environmentally-aware learning environment for our students with the aim to improve the quality of their lives.

Key Area 3 : Social Environment

Creating a caring, respectful, trusting and friendly environment with a focus on enhancing the all-round development of our students.

Key Area 4 : Community Relationships

Reinforce the communication between our students' parents and the school. We should encourage our students to get activity involved in community services in cooperation with the community.

Key Area 5 : Personal Health Skills

Implement multi-purpose activity-oriented methodologies in our curriculum framework. Moreover, we also offer courses covering ten major domains of health geared to promoting the awareness of good health in our students and helping them to lead a healthy life.

Key Area 6 : Health Services

Offer basic health care to our students and teaching staff.

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