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  1. To provide support for student growth and foster a loving and caring environment
  2. To unearth student potential
  3. To offer help to special education needs students
  4. To nurture students to be enthusiastic, responsible, optimistic and confident
  5. To strengthen team spirit of the section in order to provide guidance for students effectively

Leadership training of Peer Coaching Scheme

Strategies and activities:



Student mentor training workshop

(1) Junior Forms Learning Support: S3 and S4 student mentors receive training at lunch break on alternate Day 6 Training includes classroom management, lesson preparation and leadership development etc.

(2) Lunchtime Bridging Program: School social worker organizes training programmes for S5 student mentors in order to prepare activities for S1 students.

Team leaders training of Junior Forms Learning Support

Team leaders are selected to receive training so as to help his/her team members to implement duties with quality and efficiency.

S.1 & S.2 Group Leader training

Group leaders are selected to receive training so as to help his/her group members to enhance their learning effectiveness and foster a loving and caring environment.


Peer Coaching Scheme – Junior Forms Learning Support


Date of activity: The 9th period of Day 1, 3 and 5
Venue: Classroom
Participants: All S.1 & S.2 Students and S.3 & S.4 Student mentors
Aim: To help S.1 & S.2 students develop good learning habits with the help of senior form students

Junior forms learning support scheme: Student mentors share their experiences.

Junior forms learning support scheme: Student mentors are on duty in the classroom.

Junior Forms Learning Support: S3 and S4 student mentors.

Junior Forms Learning support:Sharing books with classmates.

S.1 Lunchtime bridging program

Date and Time: From September to November, 2021.
Participants: All S.1 Students and S.5 Student mentors
Venue: S.1 Classroom and Zoom
Aim: To help S.1 students adapt to the new learning environment.

S5 student mentors are introducing themselves to S1 students as an ice breaking activity on their first meeting.

S5 student mentors receive the certificate of appreciation.

S.1 & S.2 Leadership Training

Date of activity: 10/12/2022 & 25/03/2023
Participants: All S.1 & S.2 Group Leader
Venue: School and Campsite
Objectives: Through different activities, students can enhance their problem solving skills and promote the spirit of cooperation.

Group leaders baked the chicken by using the A4 carton.

Group photo in Tai Tam Scout Centre.

Training of Prefects

Through participating in the work of prefects, students can establish their own self-identities and to foster a proper and meaningful life goal.



Hosting Morning Assemblies

Through interacting with other students, prefects can enhance their quality of being a leader and their communication skills.

Workshops for Prefects

Through sharing of experiences of being a prefect, students learn to become more considerate and positive in facing problems.

Training camps

Through training camps, the team spirit of prefects is boosted. There will be more mutual understanding between prefects and they will have more confidence in others

Prefect Leadership Training Day 

Date:24th August 2023
Venue: Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp
Participants: School prefects and student mentors

School prefects and student mentors are participating in orienteering activities.

Rock Climbing: Student mentors need to climb up a 10-meter high wall.

Prefects and student mentors take part in team building activities.

Student mentors build a “Roman catapult” .

School prefects and student mentors are making bamboo rafts and rafting to a specified location.

School prefects and Student mentors 2023-2024.

S4 Day Camp for Mindfulness Meditation

Date:3rd August, 2022
Venue: Classroom and school hall
Aims:  Through meditation activities and SoulCollage, students can enjoy living in the present and relieve stress.
relaxation Meditation


Student shows her card

Peer Supporting Scheme

Peer Supporting Scheme
Date:Whole year
Venue: Classroom, Zoom meeting
Aims: Through group gathering and online team building activities,
students learn how to collaborate with the others.

Students are participating in the opening ceremony

Lego Bridge Challenge

Empathy for the elderly

Students are preparing gifts for voluntary activity

Essential Oil Rollerball Interactive Workshop

Group activity in Day Camp

Building straw bridge together

Sex Education Workshop

Date:21st March, 2023
Venue: Classroom
Aims: Through social worker’s sharing, students are enabled to differentiate between friendship and romantic love, and establish a healthy attitude towards relationships.

The interactions between students and social workers.

Social workers share a positive attitude towards life.

Thanksgiving Week

地點:School, Zoom meeting
目的:Let the students understand the things they should be grateful for to enhance their sense of happiness; understand other people's stories of gratitude to deepen their understanding and feelings towards the community; and foster a caring atmosphere among teachers and students by gifting handmade crafts to peers.

DIY beads for classmates.

DIY beads and thanksgiving card for classmates.

Photo taken in frame backdrop.

Group photo of Gratitude Ambassador.

Group of Healthy NET

Date:7th March 2023
Venue: School
Aims:The workshop allows students to understand methods of creating electronic games.

Students are attending Makecode ARCADE tutorial class.

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