Life Education aims at providing all-round and student-centered education for students. It puts the stress on enhancing students’ wisdom, emotional intelligence, mental and physical qualities. It also cultivates students’ attitudes of respect and responsibility towards themselves, others and society, so as to let them attain a fulfilling and flourishing life. Our sponsoring body, Anglican (Hong Kong) Secondary Schools Council Limited, fosters the importance of Christian values. It helps students nurture a positive value of affirming and treasuring life and develop higher personal and moral standards, so that they love and care for themselves and others.


To meet our goals, our school has introduced ‘Life Education’ systematically through a whole-school approach.

In the formal curriculum, our school has specially designed a ‘Life Education’ curriculum. To help students set learning goals, plan and monitor their actions, Life Education Handbook is used,in order to prepare them for improvement through thinking reflectively in their life-long learning process.

In addition to the formal curriculum, we have set up different sections to cater for the developmental needs of students. These sections have been organizing different activities regularly providing students with diverse learning experiences. Students could learn the importance of positive values like acceptance, respect, forgiveness and so forth, which helps nurturing good character.

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