• A positive atmosphere and moral values are cultivated through prayers, hymns and short talks delivered by teachers and students regularly in Morning Assembly.
  • By organizing Whole School Assembly through different forms and topics, more knowledge and values can be introduced to students and we can nurture them with higher personal and moral standards and expand their learning experience.
  • Class teachers help students develop moral and positive values in Class Teacher Period, which fosters teacher-student communication. Students can learn how to show respect for others.
  • Voluntary Service Program- aims at providing Moral and Civic Education Ambassadors and other students chances to love and care for the people in need in the society by cooperating with different non-governmental charitable organizations. This can enhance students’ awareness on their responsibility to be a committed citizen.
  • Moral and Civic Ambassadors Scheme provides different moral and civic activities such as School Services and Voluntary Services for students, so as to train their skills in communication, leadership, critical thinking and reflection. This can also help widen students’ horizon and nurture them with positive attitudes and values.

Photos of Activities

S.3 students are preparing hand-made cards using Chinese paper cutting as decoration for children with special needs.

S.4 students create terrariums for the elderly of United Court promoting positivity.

Classroom Decoration : 3D Wishing Tree and slogan Design Competition- The winning entries  
Theme: Setting learning goals for the second term.

Information board display about National Security Education Day and National Day.

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